I love The Last of Us sequel. People been talking shit about it but I personally think the sequel is somehow better than the OG?

I love it sooo much I even tried to draw Ellie even after like years after the last time I drew something.

My attempt to draw Ellie

(SPOILER alert) I think many people hate it when Naughty Dog decided to kill Joel in cold blood and then somehow we have to play as Abby – Joel’s killer. Well maybe that could be hurtful, but I think ND was trying to be real here. I mean collateral damage to some, might mean limbs to others? Idk how to explain it more but I hope you get it.

But then I want Abby to top me sympathized with Abby. I really love how the game made me rethinking my loyalty – it’s very interesting. Anyway if I didn’t say it enough on Twitter, just FYI I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THE LAST OF US PART II.

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