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Getting UK visa in Singapore

Hi! I want to share a bit about my experience as an Indonesian when I applied for UK Visa in Singapore VFS. Why Singapore, while I’m Indonesian? Because I am currently working here.Why VFS? Basically, immigrations from around the world have been partnering up with VFS for visa-related administration.

Mind you, you’ll need still to get the forms and please don’t be lazy to read from all sources to get the best result. Hopefully this could help you a bit if you’re trying to get one.

Throwback Time!

If anyone ask me what’s my impression of UK, I could say (a) damn cold and (b) freaking expensive. It was around -1 to 5 degrees Celsius in March. I, as a tropical kid, didn’t really enjoy it that much! Also, I spent almost all my savings to be able to survive there.

Let Me Go

I always want to die. Like… you don’t have to think about your future, your problems and you don’t have to care about the world because you’re not a part of it anymore. These past years I’ve been googling on what’s the best way to die since I am somewhat a coward, I need painless and fast death.

Happy Birthday?

It’s been a long time, I haven’t got time to say hi to myself. Today’s world always distract you, making sure you put more attention to small things like politics, not to more important stuffs like yourself. Long story short, my phone died after I went back from work. I got enough time to think, to contemplate what’s going on lately in my life.

My Case

I hate it that I’m such a hypocrite. I will tell you things like “oh, you know, if someday you could find someone better, please go for it”

I Wouldn’t Like Me

I just realized that I must be a very selfish person. When I think that it would be great for us, might actually be great only for me, and not for the other half. Should understand her needs better.

A Gentle Reminder

She doesn’t need you. You’ll make her worse than before.

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