25th August 2019

My friend did come! Like around 1am… he came and brought me arak Bali and CT, a traditional alcoholic brew. I thought I was the one who needed to get drunk but apparently… he got drunk more than I am??? I was shocked at first but anyway, it’s actually fun to listen to people talk.

In the morning, well not that morning, around 2pm we decided to get some food. Boy he was so drunk he puked and puked but finally after a few hot tea and water, he could manage to stand up lol. He drove his Vespa, initially we wanted to eat at Blok M but we saw Eatlah at Mayestik and so we ate that instead. Not a bad choice lol.

I quite like that day since I wasn’t really lonely and actually talked with a friend.

26th August 2019

Monday. Standard Monday. I don’t know why, I wasn’t supposed to be anxious since I wasn’t the one who responsible for anything that day but I was. The type of anxiety that gives you shiver in everything that you do. I remember I shivered while holding my morning coffee.

Heard that my friend got sick in Australia. I hate that because I really like to talk to her. Luckily, her partner went there to see here, so I’m not too worry…

At the same time, my partner also feeling a bit under the weather. She said she got shivers at night… Not the best day ever. Mood sure was low that day.

27th August 2019

Yesterday my partner told me that she got paratyphus. So we decided to fly her to Jakarta so I could take care of her. I think that would be better for me as well. I really like to have her around.

Midday, I met a friend. She asked to have a few my sleeping pills. And so we talked…. and I talked to her about my experience with seeing the shrink. Apparently… She had it too in the past.

So we shared about her experience over lunch. Quite a nice change of surroundings.

Afterwork, I saw my partner at home. She was poorly, her temperature was a bit high… but she said it was actually better than she was in Batam. I cooked her food. I think I have these hidden skills of mine, one of which is cooking. I cooked her chicken congee and it was pretty good (ahem). Although she couldn’t finish it due to she was nauseated.

At night, I talked to my friend in Oz but somehow I think her partner got control of her phone??? So better to shut up lol. She’ll come around when she’s ready.

28th August 2019

Well, today… I hate work? Idk more than usual. A friend in SG told me maybe I should try to change the environment and apply for some journo job but I don’t know honestly. Maybe I should give it a try?

Robin is still sick but I think she’s getting better. Good… but I just don’t want her to leave me…

We watched this funny series called Derry Girls. It was so funny and I noticed watching or doing everything is more fun with her. I feel like all of these feel bearable, honestly. She also forced me to write this lol.

Today is quite better than yesterday, but I just realized on my mood chart, most days lately I just feel meh all the time. I used to be this positive person. Where the hell she went?

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