Gosh, it’s first May already, I don’t know why I bother to write this. Anyway a lot has happened to me from my last post, which in September 2018 until today.

To sum up, I’ve moved back to Jakarta, Indonesia, partner got a job in Sumatra, my relationship with colleagues went down to the rabbit hole.

Since end of last year, my company asked if it’s okay to move me back to Indo. Well, I think it’s a great idea because then I can do lots of things like having meetings, trainings, etc, something I couldn’t do if I stay in Singapore. Also, I knew my partner would move back to Indo and find a job there, because of the government regulation.

Actually, that was my first reason why I wanted to move back to Indo. I’ve been wanting to live with her…. because I needed to see our compatibility. Some say, living together with your partner will challenge your relationship. Turns out… I really like it to be with her. Second, I wanted to get Indo scholarship which I’m not sure anymore.

I remember when she first bought the apartment, the place were kinda far away from the city center. I think we had arguments about it but then I think it’s amazing how she could save up and buy a place of her own, so I shut my mouth and try to never be a bitch about it.

Even our trip to the market for buying utensils feels amazing?! Why is it more fun to visit IKEA and such rather than going elsewhere when we’re mature?

When we lived together it was fun. We could hold to each other every night… talked about our day, fought and made up directly, ate at our favorite restaurant together, didn’t matter how far it is… seriously, it was the best because your partner became your true best friend.

But that happiness lastly for just about 4 months? She got a job in Sumatra which I think was the best opportunity she had to achieve her goal. She couldn’t miss it. After all, we had a long-distance relationship once before when she was in UK.

And so she moved. It’s almost two months since, but still… Sometimes the loneliness hits but somehow it’s harder than ever? The feeling was so powerful sometimes, I couldn’t help crying at nights. I couldn’t let her know though, because… I think she’d be worried about it.

It’s almost like that problem wasn’t enough, I’m now no longer have a friend at work. I was disappointed with her action to cut our friendships like that but oh well, the more mature you are, you know which ones you should keep or no. Better to detox from toxic friends which will only make you worse day by day.

My partner, my friend, and I’ve been planning to go to Australia and it’s actually happening. We’ll go there by the end of this month. I really hope it will lift my mood a bit… and also clear my mind to decide on what to do next, because I’m this close to quit my job and move to Sumatra instead.

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