Hi! I want to share a bit about my experience as an Indonesian when I applied for UK Visa in Singapore VFS. Why Singapore, while I’m Indonesian? Because I am currently working here.Why VFS? Basically, immigrations from around the world have been partnering up with VFS for visa-related administration.

Mind you, you’ll need still to get the forms and please don’t be lazy to read from all sources to get the best result. Hopefully this could help you a bit if you’re trying to get one.

To get visa for Indonesian is a must if they want to travel. Just a bit of background story: I went to UK already last March but it was actually my first time I had to deal with visa, any kind of visa.

Indonesian passport holders will probably need visa to go to most countries. As for 2018, based on passportindex.org, Indonesia passport ranked #61, tie with Swaziland, a bit below Papua New Guinea and don’t you dare compare it with our ASEAN sister countries, Malaysia and Singapore. Don’t get me wrong. I love my Indo passport. It’s really beautiful in terms of appearance but bad for the holders. You’ll need to save up more because you’ll have to apply visa for almost every country in this world. That is not cheap, y’all.

Before you start anything, first you have to research if you really do require a UK visa or not. Easy, check here. Then, if you already know what kind of visa you need, you have to submit an application, by register here. Well, might be different every type of visa, but just so you aware that what I’m writing here now is for UK visa Type C – for 6 months visit.

So I finally did my research and I was finally done filling my application. I actually was a bit worried since I only had 3 months of Singapore bank statement and limited savings, although it’s more than SGD3,000. Some people said you need at least SGD3,000 for a week or two weeks trip to UK. Some say SGD5,000. That makes sense since the cost of plane ticket for a single person (round trip) will cost you for more than SGD1,000.

But for my case, I think SGD3,000 is more than enough since I had my partner’s place to stay. In the end I spent almost SGD3500 for two weeks (airfare included). I tried so hard to spend less than SGD2000 but I couldn’t! The food there is just amazing, The Breakfast Club, The Book Club, you name it. Both are fantastic. Also, it was snowing back then, so I NEEDED lots of lots hot coffee and cocoa which cost me around GBP3-5 each to keep me going.¬†You could read a tiny bit about my experience there.

My partner also agreed to help me and be my “sponsor” on paper too, so it would look better for my application. In total, perhaps I have around SGD4000. I personally think the bank statement is required to see if your financial situation is healthy enough and you will not become an illegal immigrant and be a burden someday.

And I submitted it. After that, I chose a time for an appointment to hand all my documents to VFS and got some biometrics taken, online. Done printing all my documents, I was torn between should I took a picture for my visa or no. According to the readings, actually I should not be worried about my photo, since it was clear I had to take my biometrics data at the VFS office. But I took precaution by getting some picture which later I found not useful at all. Such a waste of money!

So I went to the VFS Global Singapore at 135 Cecil Street #08-01 with all my documents. They had about 4 countries pooled there; to make Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and UK visa, of course, all in one place. It’s always the same. If you want to make a visa, probably you have to go find a local VFS in your home country. My girlfriend had same experience when she had to make her tier-4 student visa to UK in our home country Indonesia.

Submitted my documents and paid for additional text notification. For the application, I paid $168 (online) and additional $3 (if I’m not mistaken) for the text. You need to bring cash there since they will only accept cash. They gave me the receipt which YOU WOULDN’T WANT TO LOSE because you’ll need it to collect your passport.

After they were done taking pictures and fingerprints of mine (biometrics), I went back to the office. Now it’s time to wait. I applied few days before Christmas and on Jan 3rd, less than 15 days, I received this email:

UK Visa notification email

UK Visa notification email

IT IS DONE! I remember they also gave us options for collection time. I, being a cheapskate that I am, picked the free option and had to asked for my boss’ permission to get mine since it was around 2pm. Paid ones will allow you to get it in more convenient hour.

They quite love the suspense. They wouldn’t let you know if you get the visa or not, until you receive the passport and see for yourself. Some people said there’s a hint, a slight differences in notification email between accepted and rejected applications, but I really don’t know about that. All I know is… that was the email that I got and here’s the stamped visa on my passport (I got it!).

Quick tip: I think it’s better to prepare your visa a month before you go, not too early. I got my notification letter on Jan 3rd and the visa was already valid for traveling from Jan 2nd until Jul 2nd. I went there on March so.. it’s a waste of 2 months!

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