How can I say but I think 2020 is so far the weirdest time of my life. I had a birthday at home – not like I had to celebrate it outside or whatever but this year it was interesting because to stay at home, wasn’t an option. I, with people all over the world supposedly, need to stay at home due to this Covid-19 pandemic.

It’s been three months I’m staying at home, went outside only because I need to buy groceries or urgent things like pay my car tax whatever, and today is second day of Lebaran. Lou and I decided to invite some of our friends to celebrate it together. I think it was nice to have a small festivities for her, because she couldn’t be with her family.

Last year Lebaran though, it was epic, because it was closed to my birthday as well and we celebrated it by having road trip in East Australia for about two weeks. We, Lou, Venessa and I, drove from Melbourne and our last stop was Brisbane I think…. Or maybe Townsville and then went back to Brisbane airport to give back the car.