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The great Australia road trip 2019

How can I say but I think 2020 is so far the weirdest time of my life. I had a birthday at home – not like I had to celebrate it outside or whatever but this year it was interesting because to stay at home, wasn’t an option. I, with people all over the world supposedly, need to stay at home due to this Covid-19 pandemic.

It’s been three months I’m staying at home, went outside only because I need to buy groceries or urgent things like pay my car tax whatever, and today is second day of Lebaran. Lou and I decided to invite some of our friends to celebrate it together. I think it was nice to have a small festivities for her, because she couldn’t be with her family.

Last year Lebaran though, it was epic, because it was closed to my birthday as well and we celebrated it by having road trip in East Australia for about two weeks. We, Lou, Venessa and I, drove from Melbourne and our last stop was Brisbane I think…. Or maybe Townsville and then went back to Brisbane airport to give back the car.

A chill trip to Krabi

Hello! It’s September already and I didn’t even write anything in August. I even forgot to post my Krabi post geez. Really sorry, but honestly August was great to me. I went to Jakarta for a family wedding and an interview with a Journalist, and also my commencement date to work from Jakarta office is finalized, finally.

Awesome news, I bought a ticket to Ho Chi Minh and I’ll be gone next week! With T and N, and N’s sister as well. I think it’s gonna be a lot of fun, I can’t wait really! But I haven’t even told you guys about my trip to Krabi. Oh goodness, I am really sorry. For Robin, lol I didn’t mean to prolong this but.. I was lazy lol sorry babe. Let’s start!

Okay, so… My partner always wanted to go to Krabi, Thailand. She told me this quite a few times. At first I was like.. what is Krabi? Is it some sort of place where you can eat lots of Crab? Or Krabby Patty?

My first Yangon trip – Part 3

This post is the end of my Yangon trip! Finally I could make something consistent, until the end! Quite proud of meself yay! Anyway, I’m at Northpoint City currently, writing from the nearest mall in my area, Yishun, baby!

So what I did the second day (16/6) at Yangon is basically visiting another pagoda (the last one), and shopping (not that wild tho, because I don’t have the money…)

My first Yangon trip – Part 2

So.. maybe you’ve read my post about me went to Yangon for the first time. Now, I’ll tell you a bit about what I did there after we left the airport. Hint: pagoda, pagoda, and pagoda. Lots of em.

T and I decided to go to Shwedagon Pagoda while we were waiting for hotel check-in. Basically, almost everything in Yangon written in abugida. Of course I couldn’t read it and Google Translate, the one that you can take picture and it will translate rightaway, didn’t help much too, because it doesn’t have the database somehow.

We then rode a Grab so we don’t have to haggle and got scammed because we really don’t know the base fare. I love how Grab make things easier for everyone to use public transportation. Anyway, for the ride to Shwedagon, we paid 7,300MMK (SGD7). Since T would be the one who pay all my meals, I decided to pay mostly the rides we had in Yangon.

My first Yangon trip – Part 1

If last 3 weekends ago I got nothing to do and decided to make a website, the next weekend (15/6) I decided to do Yangon trip. Well, I wouldn’t go if it wasn’t a “spontaneous” decision made by me and my office friend, T. Myanmar (or Burma) was never on my bucket list but a few months ago, T, who is a Traveler, told me Myanmar was her last “unticked” country in Southeast Asia.

And so we booked our hotels and flight for our little Yangon trip, I think around a month before. It was quite cheap, SGD288.25 each person to be exact for 3d2n.. return flight and hotel in Yangon included. Although, now if I think about it, it wasn’t really that cheap, compare to my Krabi trip, which ticket I bought just days before.

Getting UK visa in Singapore

Hi! I want to share a bit about my experience as an Indonesian when I applied for UK Visa in Singapore VFS. Why Singapore, while I’m Indonesian? Because I am currently working here.Why VFS? Basically, immigrations from around the world have been partnering up with VFS for visa-related administration.

Mind you, you’ll need still to get the forms and please don’t be lazy to read from all sources to get the best result. Hopefully this could help you a bit if you’re trying to get one.

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