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Throwback Time!

If anyone ask me what’s my impression of UK, I could say (a) damn cold and (b) freaking expensive. It was around -1 to 5 degrees Celsius in March. I, as a tropical kid, didn’t really enjoy it that much! Also, I spent almost all my savings to be able to survive there.

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Let Me Go

I always want to die. Like… you don’t have to think about your future, your problems and you don’t have to care about the world because you’re not a part of it anymore. These past years I’ve been googling on what’s the best way to die since I am somewhat a coward, I need painless and fast death.

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Mom’s Favorites

Talking with mom’s boyfriend for the first time:

Me: halo
Him: halo
Me: …. apa kabar, om?
Him: baik. Kamu katanya mau wisuda ya? Selamat ya!
Me: iya om. Makasih ya.
Him: om udah liat foto kamu. Kamu cantik.
Me: …………………………… (ew)

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Yesterday was kinda fun. I met an old friend. His name is M. He… had a crush on me back then, when I was this awkward stranger from another town. I never had a chance to know him better but yeah, I, as a full frontal homosexual, didn’t want to give him an empty hope, so whenever he tried to reach, I fled.

He wanted to accompany me hanging around South Tangerang for a task. As an opportunist (lmao) of course I said yes.

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People can say mean, ugly things about me. That hurts especially when the one who says those things are the one I gave so much thoughts. I cannot control the world to stop being cruel, but I can control myself, or my feelings and choose how to respond. Yes it hurts. It feels like someone’s forcefully trying to stop my heart from beating. But I have to be strong for myself. So I choose to ignore the sounds in my head because I know time is a powerful ally.

Be Still My Heart


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I’m Disgusting (I know…)


If you know me in real life, you must know that I’m pretty weak… emotionally and physically lol. I hate hate hate to open standard water bottle cap, because it’s really hard for me. My grip is weak and it hurts my hand to open the cap. So, if I hang around people that I feel okay to ask them for help, mind you not so many, I would hand them the bottle and ask them to open that cap.

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