23rd August 2019

I have to say sorry for not posting anything while good things happened yesterday! So, apparently, yesterday marked the third year I first messaged Robin on app lol. We actually put that in our calendar, to make up our anniversary date. I suggested to match it with her birthday but she didn’t want to lol.

Yesterday, like usual, in the morning I worked. Colleague told me she decided to leave the company. I’m so happy for her, because clearly she doesn’t like the company and I think the feeling is mutual haha.

In the afternoon, my partner’s mom came to town along with her sister. I decided to meet them because I’m lonely and also I think I just want to get to know her better. So we had dinner around their place and we talked. I think she likes me, or at least I hope so.

I quite enjoy the night and went home around 10pm. Wanted to open my laptop and start writing but my eyes just couldn’t hold it. Robin, she said she was touched with what I did to her mom… She said no one ever did that before to her mom… but then maybe it was just because I’m her first partner ever??

And so I slept with a lighter mood 🙂

24th August 2019

I woke up today with an empty tummy, which was weird because I ate a lot last night. So, I woke up, played Fallout 4 a bit and then decided to pay the nasi padang stall a visit lol. But then I wanted to do something else, I wanted to cook a bit. So I went to the veggie stall and bought tempeh and tofu, my 2 favourite things in this world.

Well, honestly it was partly because the nasi padang seller wasn’t ready to serve (it was around 9am in the morning lol). But okay, I went back to my room, fried my tempeh and tofu…. and went down again, tried my luck for the nasi padang and fortunately it was ready to serve!

After finished eating a big breakfast, I played again. But… Idk something unknown triggered me… and then I cried again. I didn’t know what happened but I just felt sad. Partner was video calling me but still, I just couldn’t help it but cry a bit.

I was short though… I managed to stop the cry but still. It makes me wonder, what is wrong with me?? What kind of normal functioning person cried that much? And then my head hurt again. I punched my head so I could feel better and it worked…

Anyway… it’s 10.40pm but the day is not over yet. My friend said he will come to my place to bring some arak Bali. I’ll tell you if he actuallt comes lol. Have a great weekend!

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