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My attempt to draw Ellie

The Last of Us part II appreciation post

I love The Last of Us sequel. People been talking shit about it but I personally think the sequel is somehow better than the OG?

I love it sooo much I even tried to draw Ellie even after like years after the last time I drew something.

The great Australia road trip 2019

How can I say but I think 2020 is so far the weirdest time of my life. I had a birthday at home – not like I had to celebrate it outside or whatever but this year it was interesting because to stay at home, wasn’t an option. I, with people all over the world supposedly, need to stay at home due to this Covid-19 pandemic.

It’s been three months I’m staying at home, went outside only because I need to buy groceries or urgent things like pay my car tax whatever, and today is second day of Lebaran. Lou and I decided to invite some of our friends to celebrate it together. I think it was nice to have a small festivities for her, because she couldn’t be with her family.

Last year Lebaran though, it was epic, because it was closed to my birthday as well and we celebrated it by having road trip in East Australia for about two weeks. We, Lou, Venessa and I, drove from Melbourne and our last stop was Brisbane I think…. Or maybe Townsville and then went back to Brisbane airport to give back the car.

Litany – Call on Me

I am so bored at work right now, I decided to share this beautiful track with you guys which resonate with my circumstance currently.

I just wanna hang out
I don’t want nothing else
Are you gonna call on me?
I don’t wanna be in love
I don’t wanna be your baby
I just want one touch…

Admit it. We’re old. The older we are, the lesser friends that we have. My problem is now, I feel isolated and honestly, I just need a friend.


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Meh days

25th August 2019

My friend did come! Like around 1am… he came and brought me arak Bali and CT, a traditional alcoholic brew. I thought I was the one who needed to get drunk but apparently… he got drunk more than I am??? I was shocked at first but anyway, it’s actually fun to listen to people talk.

In the morning, well not that morning, around 2pm we decided to get some food. Boy he was so drunk he puked and puked but finally after a few hot tea and water, he could manage to stand up lol. He drove his Vespa, initially we wanted to eat at Blok M but we saw Eatlah at Mayestik and so we ate that instead. Not a bad choice lol.

I quite like that day since I wasn’t really lonely and actually talked with a friend.

The wave

23rd August 2019

I have to say sorry for not posting anything while good things happened yesterday! So, apparently, yesterday marked the third year I first messaged Robin on app lol. We actually put that in our calendar, to make up our anniversary date. I suggested to match it with her birthday but she didn’t want to lol.

Yesterday, like usual, in the morning I worked. Colleague told me she decided to leave the company. I’m so happy for her, because clearly she doesn’t like the company and I think the feeling is mutual haha.

In the afternoon, my partner’s mom came to town along with her sister. I decided to meet them because I’m lonely and also I think I just want to get to know her better. So we had dinner around their place and we talked. I think she likes me, or at least I hope so.

Seeing the shrink

Today I finally went to get professional help from a shrink. It was quite interesting. Some people may feel this is a brave decision and whatnot but I think it’s quite… alright? Life has been boring recently and I feel some kind of changes will be good for me so honestly, I don’t see me going to the doctor is an achievement haha (but I do accept compliments lol).

It wasn’t planned AT ALL. This morning I was already prepared to come to the office. I’ve even stepped my foot in front of the building, but something stopped me. I couldn’t continue to walk into the office building… Well, I’ve arrived around 20mins late (blame it to the slow TransJakarta because I actually went out of the apartment earlier than usual).

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